The Dad Who Never Gave Up

An engaging retelling of the Bible story of the prodigal son for toddlers.

Part of the Little Me, Big God series.

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Once there were two brothers. The little brother took his dad’s money and spent it all. He ended up so hungry that he wanted to eat pigs’ food. Yuck!
What happened when the little brother went home to his dad? Find out in this exciting story that Jesus told.

In this engaging retelling of the parable of the prodigal son, young children discover how God is like a dad who never gives up on us, and who is ready to welcome us home with open arms. It's not because we are good. It's because God's love is so big!

Notes for parents at the back help to explain the details of this account from Luke 15:11-32.

Part of the Little Me, Big God series of storybooks for pre-schoolers. These books are ideal to give away at church toddler groups and for use in children's ministry.

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  • Story: The Dad Who Never Gave Up
  • Notes for Parents

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Age range: 2 - 4
Author Steph Williams
ISBN 9781784986575
Format Paperback
First published October 2021
Dimensions 170mm x 170mm x 3mm
Language English
Pages 24
Publisher The Good Book Company

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Notes for grown-ups:
Jesus told this story to religious leaders who had criticised him because he welcomed and ate with people who had not lived good lives (Luke 15 v 1-2). You could introduce the story to older children by saying, “Some people were cross because Jesus was friends with people who were not very good. So he told them this story.”
The religious leaders thought that, by obeying lots of religious laws, they could please God. The people they called “sinners” had broken these laws in a way that everyone could see. But inside, the religious leaders’ hearts were also far from God. They lacked love, which Jesus tells us is what all of God’s laws are based on (Matthew 22 v 36-40).
Like the older brother in the story, the religious leaders proudly thought they could earn God’s reward. But they didn’t see that God’s love is free and undeserved—the kind of love that forgives the lost brother. They didn’t see that God offered them the relationship of a father. Jesus came to die to pay for when we have broken God’s laws, so that our relationship with God can be mended. We simply need to come to him for help and forgiveness, like the little brother did, and we can know God as our loving Father.

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The Dad Who Never Gave Up | Steph Williams | $5.99