Impossible Commands (ebook)

Impossible Commands ebook

How to obey God when it seems that you can't

Discover the power to achieve the impossible

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In our culture there is no such thing as impossible. We're told that as long as you put your mind to it, you can do anything! So we instinctively look to ourselves for the power to obey God's commands.

We know we are supposed to obey God. We think that if we aren't able to do it there is something wrong with us. So we all pretend we are doing it, when deep down we know we aren’t!

Author Jonty Allcock calls this 'the madness of our lives' and 'the slavery of the impossible'. He shows us that embracing the impossibility of our own obedience leads not to despair, but to true freedom as we look to the God who can do all things:

“With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” (Mark 10:27)

This book takes us through four steps that will help us look to ourselves less and depend on God more, enabling spirit-led joyful obedience.

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  • By impossible, I mean impossible
  • Lazarus, come out
  • Four steps
  • Impossible commands:
  • 1: Love God (with all your heart, soul, strength, mind)
  • 2: Rejoice in the Lord always
  • 3: Don’t be afraid
  • 4: Be perfect
  • 5: Devote yourself to prayer
  • 6: Love one another
  • 7: Give cheerfully
  • 8: Serve wholeheartedly
  • 9: Keep meeting together
  • 10: Make disciples


Author Jonty Allcock
ISBN 9781784983345
Format Digital Download
First published 2019
Language English
Pages 192
Publisher The Good Book Company

Here is an encouraging and digestible book about obedience! Grounded in Bible truth, these chapters give not just an argument but a call that's clear and full of hope. The biblical path to obedience is plainly laid out, with the necessary first step: "I can't." But what a blessing to consider the subsequent steps that in fact lead us to obey: "I'm sorry"; "Please help"; and "Let's Go." I'm grateful for this call to follow the Lord Jesus with joyful obedience.

Kathleen Nielson

Author, speaker

This is one of those unusual Christian books that speaks with the earthy voice of the practical pastor and—at the same time—with the careful tones of the skilled theologian. So much good and meaty theology informs the realistic practicality! I hope this book will prove widely useful.

Christopher Ash

Writer in Residence, Tyndale House, Cambridge

There are usually two human responses to the difficult commands of Scripture: we come away either overwhelmed or dismissive. Either we despair at the way we fall short or try to water them down so as to fit our most comfortable behavior. But this book offers a different way—a more biblical way. God did intend for us to obey, otherwise he wouldn't have repeatedly told us to do these things. And yet he has always provided a way, in Jesus, for us to fulfill what seems impossible. This book is exactly what Christians like me need, who both see our inadequacies and God's tall orders. Jonty Allcock offers a pathway of grace-fuelled obedience, a pastoral word to the tired, discouraged, lazy, and indifferent. God's people need this word and God has raised up this pastor and this book to be that word.

Daniel Darling

Vice President for Communications, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission | Southern Baptist Convention

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