Queen Elizabeth II (ebook)

Queen Elizabeth II ebook

The Queen Who Chose To Serve

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Inspiring children’s biography of Queen Elizabeth II highlighting the Christian faith that has underpinned her remarkable reign.

Part of the Do Great Things For God series.

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Princess Elizabeth never expected to be Queen. But when she was ten, her uncle, King Edward VIII, abdicated and everything changed… Her father took over as King, but after 15 years on the throne, he died. So when she was just 25 years old, Elizabeth was crowned Queen and has become the longest-serving monarch in British history.

This inspiring children’s biography of Queen Elizabeth II chronicles key moments in her life. It also highlights her Christian faith, in particular what she has said in her Christmas Day speeches.

Young children will learn more about the incredible life and faith of Britain’s longest-serving monarch and they will be inspired about the great things they can do for God.

Suitable for children aged 4-7, whether for outreach or discipleship.

Full colour, full size illustrations are available to download for FREE so that you can read the story while showing the pictures on screen. Perfect for school assemblies. An assembly plan written by The Bible Society is also available as well as worksheets for 4-7 and 8-11 year olds. They can all be found under the Free Extras section below.

Written by Alison Mitchell, who has authored many children’s books, including the award-winning The One O’Clock Miracle, and Jesus and The Lions' Den. Illustrated by Emma Randall whose previous works include Diary of a Disciple: Luke's Story.

This series shows young children how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things by exploring the lives of Christian women who did great things for God.

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  • Queen Elizabeth II: Illustrated Biography
  • Further notes about the queen for adults and older children


Age range: 4 - 7
Contributors Laura Wickham, Alison Mitchell, Emma Randall
ISBN 9781784987862
Format eBook
First published May 2022
Language English
Pages 24
Publisher The Good Book Company

Alistair Begg

Senior Pastor, Parkside Church, Cleveland, Ohio; Bible teacher at Truth For Life

There is only one person that the Queen addresses as "Your Majesty", and in this wonderful book we discover who that is and why she does that.

Bob Hartman

Author, The Prisoners, the Earthquake, and the Midnight Song

A lovely, concise celebration of Queen Elizabeth and her faith!

Barbara Reaoch

Author, A Jesus Christmas and A Better Than Anything Christmas

Inspire your kids with the life of Queen Elizabeth II.  This engaging story reveals her life ambition—to serve Jesus Christ, her “Saviour” and “anchor.”

Customer reviews


“Great book”

(Review written for 'Queen Elizabeth II')

We loved reading this as a family and it was easy to give away to friends too. Perfect Jubilee book, thank you!


“Perfect for Jubilee”

(Review written for 'Queen Elizabeth II')

We bought 60 of these to give out at our church's Jubilee event, and they were well received. It's great to have a book about the Queen that focuses on her Christian faith, and it does so in a non-threatening way that is accessible to those with or without any Christian background. The only thing I'd question is the 4-7 age rating - my 10-year-old loved all the facts and really enjoyed reading it, while my 6-year-old found it a bit wordy and difficult in places (e.g. where it gives a summary of several of the Queen's Christmas speeches) and it was well beyond my 4-year-old! The illustrations are nice for young children, but in terms of the written content, I'd say it's more suitable for ages 6-11.


“Great book for us and our friends”

(Review written for 'Queen Elizabeth II')

Lovely illustrations and stories about the Queen growing up, interesting for adults and kids alike. Easy book to give away to friends too!


“Excellent service and product”

(Review written for 'Queen Elizabeth II')

These books came very quickly and were of excellent quality. The younger children in Sunday School loved them.


“"Beautiful book, wonderful witness"”

(Review written for 'Queen Elizabeth II')

Beautifully written and illustrated book for a generation of children who may not yet recognise what an extraordinary and amazing historical event they witness as we celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of our Queen's ascension to the throne.
Her Majesty's dedication and service to the nation and commonwealth, her reliance on God made abundantly clear. The Queen's expression of her Christian faith a wonderful witness to children and families who are blessed by reading this lovely book.


“Charming Book”

(Review written for 'Queen Elizabeth II')

I ordered 30 copies of this book and advertised them free on our street app. Everyone loves it. It gives a lovely story of the queens life and the importance of her faith


“Heartwarming and informative”

(Review written for 'Queen Elizabeth II')

A lovely and informative book about our Queen. The illustrations are great too.


“Lovely factual record of The Queens faith.”

(Review written for 'Queen Elizabeth II')

Gran is enjoying this lovely book...even before the Grandkids arrive! Great service yet again The Good Book Company


“Great value resource for outreach”

(Review written for 'Queen Elizabeth II')

Looking forward to creating a street/village trail using the free PDF resources and giving the book as a prize at the end. Suitable for primary age children. Easy to give away


“Just what was needed.”

(Review written for 'Queen Elizabeth II')

Thank-you for an excellent price on this book which has been well received by the local schools - even one which is not a church school. It is informative, accessible and beautiful to look at and to handle. A wonderful tribute to the faith of our queen.

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