Chris Morphew is an author, teacher and school chaplain living in Sydney, Australia. He has written over 20 novels for children and youth, including his six-book young-adult series The Phoenix Files. Chris enjoys Mario Kart, obscure board games and superhero movies. He has been told he looks like Chris Hemsworth from the back.


Get the box set of this popular series of apologetics for tweens and teens. Big Questions is a series of fun and fast-paced books walking kids aged 9-13 through what the Bible says about some of the big questions of life, and helping them to grow in confident and considered faith. 

These apologetics books are great for kids, tweens or teens who have no church background, as well as for believers looking to defend their faith.


How can I be sure what's right and wrong? This book walks 9-13-year-olds through various questions about morality. Chris makes the case that there is such a thing as right and wrong, and that we need to go to God for solid and satisfying answers.


Sooner or later, kids ask big questions about themselves and their faith: If God is real, why doesn't he feel real? What does a relationship with Jesus actually look like?

In this book, tweens will learn how to grow in their relationship with God through the ordinary yet powerful habits of everyday discipleship: prayer, Bible reading, church community, rest, and simplicity.


As kids grow up they ask big questions about themselves and their faith. In this warm, empathetic book, Chris shows tweens and teens how to embrace and enjoy their identity as those loved by God and made in his image. He also gives lots of practical advice on how to remember what God says about who they really are.


A common question teens and tweens ask is: Why does God let bad things happen?

This reassuring, fast-paced book looks at what the Bible says to help 9-13s think through this big question for themselves. It puts the problem of suffering in the context of the Bible's big story, and encourages readers to see that whatever they're facing, Jesus is with them.


Sooner or later, teens begin to wonder what happens once we die. This book looks at what the Bible says to help 9-13s think through this big question for themselves. It tackles common fears and stereotypes about the afterlife, and will excite readers about the promise of the new creation.


Kids have big questions about God, life, faith, and the Bible, especially when their friends start asking them about what they believe. A common one is: How do we know Christianity is really true?

The book explains why we can trust the Gospels as real historical documents and walks through the evidence for Jesus' resurrection.