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Devotions For Your Time Away

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Devotions for a holiday that’s refreshing in every way.

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Holidays often give us an opportunity to rest and reflect. However, when our normal routines and habits are suspended, it can be hard to spend time with God.

These 30 devotions have been specifically designed to help you to rest in the Lord’s goodness and glory during your time away so that you can return home feeling refreshed spiritually as well as physically.

Author John Hindley, who also wrote Serving without Sinking, says this:

“I want to help you find rest, peace, joy, hope and renewed zeal. We go away to be refreshed. Christ is the one who sets his Spirit in our hearts to cause streams of living water to well up within us and flow from us . Sometimes we rest away from Jesus, but how much better to rest with and in him? He is where our true refreshment is found.”

You can pick and choose which devotions to read depending on the type of holiday you are on (for example, city break or beach) and there are optional family activities and questions linked to each devotion giving other family members an opportunity to reflect alongside you.

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  • Introduction
  • 1. Hopes and Fears
  • 2. A Bright Shadow
  • REST
  • 3. Weary and Heavy Laden
  • 4. Stopping
  • 5. Visiting
  • 6. Tensions
  • 7. Stars
  • 8. Sun
  • 9. Rain
  • 10. The Calm Sea
  • 11. The Wild Sea
  • 12. Sand
  • 13. Sandcastles
  • POOL
  • 14. Cool Waters
  • 15. Heaven Meets Earth
  • 16. False Worship
  • 17. Snowy Peaks
  • 18. Trees of Life
  • 19. Consider the Birds
  • 20. Farmers and Farmhands
  • 21. Sowing and Reaping
  • 22. Shepherding
  • 23. Great Babylon
  • 24. Temples
  • 25. Statues and Monuments
  • 26. God Sees
  • 27. God Provides
  • 28. God Brings Us Home
  • 29. Ending with Praise
  • 30. Another Bright Shadow


Contributors John Hindley
ISBN 9781784987152
Format eBook
First published May 2022
Language English
Pages 160
Publisher The Good Book Company

Michael Reeves

President, Union School of Theology

Too often our holidays are times of spiritual atrophy. We rest our bodies but not our souls. In these little devotionals, John Hindley points us to the glory of God in the creation around us to lift our gaze to Jesus, who gives the deepest and sweetest rest. Read and be properly refreshed!

Amy Smith

Writer, Faith in Kids

I LOVE this book. It’s refreshing, inclusive and encouraging! A brilliant book to take on holiday, filled with great suggestions of conversations to have and activities to try that encourage great faith conversations with kids. Pack it on your next family holiday!

Tony Merida

Pastor, Imago Dei Church, Raleigh, NC; Author, Love Your Church

A brilliant book. The past two years have been exhausting for me personally, and I know I’m not alone. So I love the idea of a book helping others find refreshment and renewal in the midst of this weary world. Pastor John points us to the rest beneath all other forms of rest: the spiritual refreshment we find in the grace of Jesus. I highly recommend it for everyone, especially for the weary—and double-especially for the weary who are about to go on vacation!

Customer reviews


“Vital for Your Next Holiday”

(Review written for 'Refreshed')

When we go on holiday, we often want something that's a little more relaxing. This book is an example of how you can refresh yourself with God's Word while also digging into some big biblical truths. It's a set of 30 devotionals so you could either read a few each day, use it for a few shorter holidays or just drop into specific chapters that you feel would be most helpful for you. It's clearly written by someone with a pastoral heart, keen for you to reconnect with God and experience the peace that comes from knowing him. While I've only used the first few devotionals, I'll be saving the next section for my next holiday!


“Find Your Rest in Jesus”

(Review written for 'Refreshed')

Have you ever felt spiritually dry even while on vacation? In Refreshed, John Hindley gives devotions for your time away. Made up of 30 devotional Bible studies, this book will help you steward your vacation.

Different Devotions for Different Destinations

I was called to slow down, notice those who are around me, and take my concerns and cares to Jesus. Parents will appreciate the questions and activities to keep your family worship while away from home.

What interested most were the different devotions offered for different vacations. Sections include visiting with friends and family, beaches and pools, hills and mountains, forest and farmlands.

Find Your Rest in Jesus

Even if you don’t have time to take a vacation, this book will put you in a peaceful mindset and help you remember to find your rest in Jesus. I enjoyed reading about the themes of God’s goodness and glory in creation.

Don’t waste your vacation. Looking at the mighty seas and major cityscsapes will only get us so far. We need our eyes to be lifted up towards God. Spend time in his Word during your vacation. He will give you rest.

I received a media copy of Refreshed and this is my honest review.


“A fabulous daily devotional”

(Review written for 'Refreshed')

I feel very blessed to have received a copy of a wonderful book by John Hindley, published just this month, titled Refreshed: Devotions For You Time Away to read and review. It’s an excellent book to take with you on your time away and on a family holiday. Even though I’ve just been reading this book whilst being at home, it’s been such a joy to read even though I’m not currently on holiday. Definitely a favourite thing of mine that I’ve taken away from this book is that even though it’s subtitled Devotions For Your Time Away, there is so much that you can take away from this book and apply to your day-to-day life.

The chapters of this book are brilliantly written. You can either read the book front to back, or you can pick a specific chapter based on a theme or location. For example, some of the chapters are named Arriving, Rest, Friends and Family, and Skies and Beach. There’s literally topics for wherever you may be. The contents page has all the titles of each chapter on, so they can easily be found within the book. I found myself fully engaged, inspired and reflecting on each page. I should note that at the end of each chapter, the author has set aside activities at the end of each daily reflection for individual use and for family time, along with asking questions, setting challenges, and involving each family member. This offers some fun activities for everyone, and helps families to spend quality time together, getting into God’s Word, and keeping their minds firmly fixed on Jesus.


“Key to a refreshing break”

(Review written for 'Refreshed')

Refreshed is a book of devotions specifically to take away to read when you are on holiday. Most people take some holiday reading with them, and this is such a delightful idea.

Holidays are meant to be a time of refreshing, but I know that I have always treated them as a holiday from everything, including spending time with God. How wrong this is, and in fact how much more refreshing a break would be if I spent some quality time with God.

This is a well-planned devotional that is a must pack in your holiday hand luggage.

It is well written, gentle, designed to bring peace and rest. It is structured in a way that you can dip in to the appropriate sections, or just pick those topics that you feel are appropriate to your particular break.
I do like the way it has been written to involve the whole family, with ideas for family time together each day, by way of some practical, creative and fun ideas to keep God's word with you through the holiday.
I have a feeling that if I had used this book on previous holidays, the time would have been so much more relaxing and fruitful.
There are some challenging thoughts, that are posed to help the reader gain a deeper and truer release into a place of rest... the sort of rest and peace that we should be able to expect.


“Uniquely Refreshing”

(Review written for 'Refreshed')

This is a uniquely fun devotional. Hindley designed the book to provide short, refreshing devotions for anyone on any type of vacation. Often we can feel even more overwhelmed during our vacations as we attempt to fill it up with as much stuff and experiences as possible and then end up returning weary and tired. I think this devotional does a good job of reminding us the purpose of a vacation and encouraging us continually focus on God throughout every experience we have planned.

The book is structured with twelve themes and thirty devotions. Themes range from Friends & Family to Beach to Hills & Mountains to Farmland and everything in-between. Each daily devotional is formatted similarly with the following sections:

- For Today

- For The Family

- Chat

- Scripture Reading

I enjoyed this devotional and felt it was one I could return to multiple times for whatever vacation or resting period our family may have planned. Although the devotions and section questions are geared towards families, it can be adapted to be completed solo and be just as refreshing.

I received a copy of this book from The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review.

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