To Seek and to Save (ebook)

To Seek and to Save ebook

Daily Reflections on the Road to the Cross

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Lent devotions that help you reflect on the wonder of Easter.

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Journey with Jesus on the road to Jerusalem with these reflections for Lent by Sinclair Ferguson. As you walk through the second half of Luke’s Gospel, you'll meet the people Jesus encountered on the way to the cross—and prepare your heart to appreciate his death and resurrection afresh.

Each day you'll be invited to:
• Read a passage of Luke's Gospel and a short meditation by Sinclair Ferguson
• Reflect on a thought-provoking question
• Respond in prayer and praise as you journal

Pithy yet profound, these devotions will hold up a mirror to your own heart and, more importantly, give you a window into the heart of the Lord Jesus—the one who came to seek and to save the lost at Easter.

This is the perfect follow-up to Sinclair Ferguson's highly popular Advent devotional, Love Came Down at Christmas.

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  • 41 daily readings from the Gospel of Luke
  • Introduction
  • The beginning of Lent
  • Week 1: Conversations on the Way
  • Week 2: Meeting the Confused
  • Week 3: The Path to Discipleship
  • Week 4: Friends and Enemies
  • Week 5: Towards the Cross
  • Holy week: The Final Destination


Author Sinclair Ferguson
ISBN 9781784985097
Format eBook
First published January 2020
Language English
Pages 160
Publisher The Good Book Company

Wallace Benn

Former Bishop of Lewes

These superb reflections on the journey of Jesus to the cross, as recorded by Luke, are the ideal preparation for Easter. Warm, clear and illuminating, they show us ourselves as we see how Jesus dealt with people on the way. But most of all they show us Jesus, the wonder of his love and his call to follow him as his disciples. Read, enjoy and benefit.

Nancy Guthrie

Bible Teacher and Author

So many things clamor for our attention during this season when we really do want to put our focus on Christ. Sinclair Ferguson helps us to turn our gaze toward Jesus day by day so that we can take in the wonder of his grace toward sinners.

Alistair Begg

Senior Pastor, Parkside Church, Cleveland; Bible Teacher, Truth For Life

If, like me, you have been guilty of largely ignoring the 40 days of Lent, prepare to be redirected, challenged and stirred by Sinclair Ferguson’s focus on the person and work of the Lord Jesus.

Independent reviews

To Seek and To Save by Sinclair Ferguson

Alistair Chalmers, Chalmers, February 11th 2020

My general rule is this; if Ferguson writes it, you should read it!... continue reading

Customer reviews


“A book we can read and benefit from at any time.”

(Review written for 'To Seek and to Save')

This book is a culmination of many years of preaching and teaching, by Sinclair. Each day is easy to read, but is thoughtful and challenging. There is time at the end to reflect, which is always good! Jesus has an answer to every situation or question, and that in itself is helpful for us all. I look forward every morning to reading the next episode. Not just a book for Lent.


“Truly compelling applications of this familiar gospel narrative.”

(Review written for 'To Seek and to Save')

This is a refreshing book. Designed as a Lent devotional, every day describes a different encounter from Luke’s Gospel’s account of Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem. As you progress through the book, you realise afresh just how overwhelming concerned with people Jesus was, from his disciples to strangers who accosted him along the way, and are reminded how that concern extends to his people here and now, today.

The purpose of this book isn’t to provide new or groundbreaking insights into Luke’s Gospel, although the biblical scholarship is characteristically strong. No, the unique selling point of this book is the way the author’s usual incisive style is combined with winsome self-reflection to offer truly compelling applications of this familiar gospel narrative. Many days I was genuinely moved by truths about Jesus that I already knew, but which I had effectively forgotten. Sometimes the simplest truths really are the ones we need to hear.

Moreover, the book has been thoughtfully presented to make it as easy to use as possible. Each day’s exposition ends with a simple bullet point for reflection, and space for a written response, should you wish to use it. As for me, my favourite part had to be the Sundays (coming as I do from a tradition where Lenten Sundays were often a chance to break routine and seek refreshment). Here, Ferguson marks the Sundays with extended quotations from hymns and psalms. They are selected with great care, and always brought joy to my heart. A book to enjoy for Lent most easily, but worth using any time you want to spend a season walking especially closely with Jesus.


“Nicely presented.short and sweet.”

(Review written for 'To Seek and to Save')

Well enjoyed the book through the lent period and also bought two books and sent one to my son.


“Excellent but easy read”

(Review written for 'To Seek and to Save')

This is a good book to read at lent but can be part of dailey readings throughout the year, it is easy to read and encouraging and stimulating, I would suggest this is used in addition to your daily quiet time readings.


“Wonderful Devotional!”

(Review written for 'To Seek and to Save')

Sinclair Ferguson has provided the church with yet another valuable devotional entitled To Seek and to Save: Daily Reflections on the Road to the Cross.” This excellent book is published by The Good Book Company.

This book is divided into 6 “chapters” or sections: (1) The First Week of Lent; (2) The Second Week of Lent; (3) The Third Week of Lent; (4)The Fourth Week of Lent; (5)The Fifth Week of Lent; (6) Holy Week and Easter Sunday. In this wonderful book, Ferguson walks the reader through the book of Luke, helping us to see the person and work of Christ as revealed in the Gospel of Luke. Each day (or chapter) begins with the day of the week at the top of the page, a title, and a Scripture reference that the reflection is drawn from. The actual text of the Scripture that is referenced is not provided, so the reader will want to have their Bible beside them as they work through this book. Ferguson then provides about 1.5-2 pages of reflection, followed by a “Reflect” section (questions to ask yourself or somebody you are reading it with) and then a “Respond” section that allows the reader to write out any thoughts and/or personal application. Every Sunday, the format is different, as Ferguson provides a poem/hymn but no reflections on Luke.

I will read anything that Sinclair Ferguson writes because of the depths of his wisdom and love for the Lord God. This book, just like all of his others, is such an excellent book for every Christian to read. He writes in a way that makes you love Jesus more and more. His style of writing is very clear and understandable. I think that readers will also enjoy the daily reading format that is offered in this book. I encourage you buy this book in order to set your mind on Christ and all that He has accomplished for you along His road to the cross.

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