Why Did Jesus Die?

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Best-selling Easter booklet for kids explaining why Jesus died.

Part of the Why Did Jesus series.

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Christians call the day Jesus died ‘Good Friday’. How strange! But that’s not the only strange thing about the Friday Jesus died, or the Sunday afterwards.

This booklet uses puzzles and questions to help children think about four big Easter surprises—and to see what they tell us about why that Friday really was ‘Good’.

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  • Soldier surprise
    Three surprises—and why they happened
    One more surprise
    What now?
    What next?

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Age range: 6+
Contributors Alison Mitchell
ISBN 9781784983048
Format Tract
First published January 2019
Dimensions 140mm x 148mm x 0.3mm
Weight 0.01 kg
Language English
Pages 6
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews

14 Apr 2022

“Excellent resource for children”

Our children really enjoyed reading and discovering through solving questions, the timeline of how Jesus died. Would definitely recommend.

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