3 Days That Shook The World

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3 Days that Shook the World is an Easter tract written to challenge non-Christians to think about Jesus' death.

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3 Days that Shook the World is an Easter tract written to challenge non-Christians to think about Jesus' death. It asks the questions, 'Why is it called Good Friday?', 'Why did Jesus die?' and 'What does it mean for me?'

Also features a really clear flowchart to help people think through their response to the evidence of the resurrection.

Read the text of the tract here.

Pack of 10.

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Contributors Pete Woodcock
ISBN 9781905564996
Format Tract
Dimensions 105mm x 149mm x 0.7mm
Language English
Pages 8
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews


“Faithful & Clear”

Faithful, concise presentation with great use of flow charts. Have used locally to good effect.


“Very readable simple tract to explain Christ's death and resurrection”

A very readable tract set out in tabloid press layout. Suceeds in getting the facts of Christ's death and resurrection across without being too intellectual or assuming a great knowledge of Scripture. Ideal to give away to friends and neighbours at Easter time.


“Factual and Logical”

It has an engaging layout and is not too wordy. If mainly focuses on the case for the resurrection. It presents the facts confidently but leaves people room to form their own opinions. It has slight Easter theme but could be used all year round.


“Fantastic ”

This is great material to show to the general public, work colleagues, friends and family. The great thing about it is that if you place one of these leaflets on a surface and walk away, people will not be able to walk by without having a look. People are curious and curiosity is a great place to start when we want to share the gospel. The service I received from the Good Book company was fantastic. I highly recommend both the leaflet and the website.


“Spot on”

Really sharp, clear and well laid out. Liked the flow diagrams - helpful for giving out at the outreach event we organised at the science based industrial park we work in.


“Read all about it.”

If you want a tract that encourages people to pick it up and read it to the end, I would recommend this one.This is a tract that catches the eye so that people will (and do) pick up. It is presented in the style of a 'red top' news paper and carries that style throughout. It is easy to read and varies the presentation to maintain the interest of the reader. Importantly it presents the facts about the first Easter, what it means and how we should respond. I suspect that its style is more likely to encourage some people, who might otherwise abandon a more conventional tract mid-way, to read it right through to the end.


“Well worth getting”

Excellent resource with the options clearly set out in tabular form on the centre pages, with follow-up after that. I used this (strange as it may seem) as a resource people could take away from a Community Memorial Service and several did. I will be buying more ...


“"Three days.." is attractive and readable and has a clear gospel message”

The front cover of "Three days that shook the world" immediately attracts attention and doesn't look "religious". Inside, the facts are presented in a clear, readable manner without being overly wordy. It moves naturally from the facts of Jesus' death and resurrection, to a personal response to those facts. We used these leaflets door-to-door in our village along with a printed invitation to events at our church and further general information about the church. Many booklets or tracts are in small print and would probably only be read by someone who is already considering the claims of Christianity.


“excellent presentation of the Gospel”

We distributed this booklet during a Walk of Witness through our small town on Good Friday. It put into words perfectly the reason for our witness.


“Excellent Handout!!”

I found this little booklet extremely helpful and thought provoking for my friends! Professor Mel Richardson MBE

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