LET US PRAY: Prayers From Women of Color - Bev Chao Berrus

Bev Chao Berrus | 14 Jun 2020

A Message from the TGBC team: 

Whatever the color of our skin, there is much to grieve and lament over right now. So many of us are hurting. So many of us feel powerless to help. Those of us who are not people of color want to stand with our brothers and sisters, but sometimes are unsure how to.

But all of us can pray. And all of us must pray.

So we’ve invited women of color to help all of us lift our eyes to the Lord of all and speak to him as our Father about the times we’re walking through. Each day for the next week or two, visit this blog and you’ll find a video, voice recording, or written prayer that will help you to pray into this situation. 

We’re honored that serving us today is Bev Chao Berrus, a member of First Baptist Church of Hacienda Heights, CA, and a writer and speaker.

Father in Heaven,
We praise you for you are our faithful Creator. There is none like you Almighty God. Each of us was fearfully and wonderfully created out of your infinite beauty and wisdom. In your image, we are made, and all the diversity and varied beauty of the human race finds its origins in you. 
And yet the world we live in is a far cry from the one you breathed into existence. We know who’s to blame. It is not you. It is our sinfulness that has given birth to destruction and death. It is our wickedness that severed the union between God and man. In Adam, our rejection of your good authority brought chaos into a once-orderly world.

So we come and lay our grief at the foot of your throne. Oh Lord, we grieve the pandemic that racism is among your image-bearers. We grieve the vicious killings of countless innocent people because of the color of their skin. We grieve all wicked discrimination that has kept and is keeping people around the world in egregious oppression. And Lord, we, your sons and daughters, especially grieve division within the very body of Christ over what is happening in the world. We confess that we are tempted to suppress compassion for others, being quicker to resurrect dividing walls of hostility that you tore down in Christ’s body on the cross. We grieve how instead of truth spoken in love so as to give grace to hearers, we throw love-less words and insults around like they are nothing more than confetti. Forgive us, Lord!
We ask with the psalmist, “Has his steadfast love forever ceased? Are his promises at an end for all time?” (Ps. 77:8) And your word answers with a resounding NO, “the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end.” (Lam. 3:21) You are the one who gathers the outcasts, heals the broken-hearted, and lifts up the humble while casting the wicked to the ground. (Ps. 147)

Glory be to God on High! For while our rebellion gave birth to death, your mercy brings the second birth through the better Adam. In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of trespasses, according to the riches of his grace, which he lavished upon us, in all wisdom and insight… (Eph. 1:4-9) By his stripes, we are healed.

Continue to heal us. Help us to not only tolerate one another but to celebrate the mosaic of differences that highlight your creative power! Help us to remember that with your blood, you redeemed a people for your own possession, who are eager to do good works. Remind us to lift up the arms of our black brothers and sisters who are so tired of having to defend themselves against what is obvious oppression. Comfort them as they share in the sufferings of Christ. Give your church unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind. (1 Peter 3:8) Remind us at every turn, that we have been given the ministry of gospel reconciliation to those inside and outside the church. May we respond to one another with the same heart that Christ had as he went to the cross for his enemies.
Father unify us in love and purpose for the sake of your glory because we bear your name. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. (Matt. 5:9)

In Jesus’ name we pray,

Bev Chao Berrus is also a contributor to His Testimonies, My Heritage. Hear the voices of women of color on the most important subject in any age—the word of God.

His Testimonies, My Heritage

His Testimonies, My Heritage


Hear the voices of women of colour on the most important subject in any ageā€”the word of God.

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