Self-harm - a word to those who are struggling

Helen Thorne | 1 May 2012

The blog series we’re running this week is aimed at those in the local church who have a heart to get alongside those who struggle. A blog isn’t a great place to offer pastoral care - the place for that is the church family - so we’re not setting ourselves up as a place for counseling or support. But I don’t want you to think that you’ve been forgotten.

I’m not just writing this series as someone who has done a little bit of thinking and writing in the field of pastoral care over the years. I’m writing this as someone who had a long battle with self-harm. I struggled for many, many years. And have been free for 10.

My experience will have been different to whatever you are going through now. But I know how hard it can be to ask for help and to persevere on the road to recovery. And I also know it’s worth it.

In the grace of God, change is possible. So do please ask wise, loving and biblical people in your local church for support. Together, and in the power of the Spirit, there is no reason why you cannot put self-harm behind you too.