Goodbye to Goodbyes Storybook

A True Story About Jesus, Lazarus, and an Empty Tomb

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Bible storybook that teaches young children that Jesus came to give his friends life after death.

Part of the Tales that Tell the Truth series.

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Teach young children that Jesus came to end goodbyes.

Jesus knew how scary it is when someone gets really sick. He knew how sad it is when someone dies. Jesus cried when his friend, Lazarus, died. But he did something at his friend’s tomb that changed everything. He showed that he came to give his friends life after death.

In this vivid, moving and exciting retelling of the story of Lazarus, Lauren Chandler helps children understand that Jesus came to say goodbye to goodbyes—for ever.

The author, Lauren Chandler, used the story of Lazarus to help her own children in the wake of her husband’s (Matt Chandler) brain tumor. Whether children are coming to terms with the illness or death of a loved one, or simply fearful of when that day might come, this book reassures them with the amazing truth that Jesus came to give his friends life after death.

Accompanying colouring and activity book available.

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  • Goodbye to Goodbyes

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Age range: 3 - 6
Contributors Lauren Chandler, Catalina Echeverri
ISBN 9781784983772
Format Hardback
First published February 2019
Dimensions 220mm x 260mm x 9mm
Language English
Pages 32
Publisher The Good Book Company

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Nancy Guthrie

Author, What Every Child Should Know About Prayer

In this winsome little book, Lauren Chandler applies resurrection reality to the heart, in a way that will help both adults and kids face death with faith and hope.

David Mathis

Executive Editor,; pastor, Cities Church, Minneapolis; author, Habits of Grace

God always tells the best stories—for adults and for kids. Whatever our age, we need to hear Jesus say again and again, "Take away the stone." Lauren Chandler helped to bring this precious story alive for me in new ways as I saw it through my daughter’s eyes. This book is a sweet gift to parents—for our children and for our own souls.

Jennie Allen

Author of Nothing to Prove; Founder of IF:Gathering

Goodbye to Goodbyes gives our kids a big, colorful view of the God we serve and His defeat of sin and death forever!

Independent reviews

When I saw a beautifully illustrated Christ crying with Lazarus’ grief-stricken sisters, it felt like I was there

Jonny Ivey, Heirs Magazine

I recently said the hardest goodbye I’ve ever had to say. We put her down in the cold-cot, being careful with her lifeless neck. And with pangs of pain, we left the room, saying goodbye to our stillborn daughter.... continue reading

Goodbye to Goodbyes: A True Story about Jesus, Lazarus, and an Empty Tomb

Robin Ham, That Happy Certainty, April 5th 2019

Author Lauren Chandler takes on the account of Lazarus’ death and Jesus subsequently bringing him back to life, and powerfully shows how Jesus came so that we might be able to say ‘goodbye to goodbyes – forever’.... continue reading

Customer reviews


“Great resource for parents and children's workers”

I was asked to do a little funeral service for children who did not want to go to the "big" adult funeral for their grandad. I used the free downloadable pictures and told them the story as part of the service then gave them a copy of the book to take home. The pictures and words of truth together offer a way in to begin to talk to children about the reality of death: the sadness it brings as well as the hope offered by Jesus. A great resource for parents and children's workers.


“Brilliant telling of an important story”

I loved this book. I lost my Mom suddenly last year and have been searching for ways to teach my little one (she sadly never got to meet my mom) about how Jesus came to say goodbye to goodbyes. It is the most beautiful telling of a wonderful, hopeful story. I can highly, highly recommend.


“Hope in Death”

Goodbye to Goodbyes is a wonderful book. I bought the book for my son named Lazarus, but once we read it as a family we were just blown away by how great it is. This book goes right through the story of Lazarus - even highlighting some of my favorite parts like how because Jesus loved Lazarus, Mary, and Martha, he waited until the perfect time to go to them. The book uses the story of Lazarus to bridge the topic of death and how because of Jesus we can say goodbye to goodbyes, because we will be together again with Jesus. Such and amazing book. I highly recommend it!

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Goodbye to Goodbyes Storybook | Lauren Chandler, Catalina Echeverri | $19.99