Mark For You

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Applied expository Bible-study guide to Mark—a book that portrays Jesus in a stunningly compelling way.

Part of the God's Word For You series.

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Mark: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Also available

Mark’s fast-paced, action-packed Gospel portrays Jesus in a way that is stunningly compelling—and deeply challenging too.

Join Bible teacher Jason Meyer as he unpacks Mark verse by verse. He unveils how the book fits together, marvels at important details, and highlights key themes. Most of all, he helps you to turn your eyes to Jesus—his power, his wisdom, and his compassionate heart.

This accessible, absorbing expository guide is more applied than a typical commentary, making it a great resource for personal devotion, as well as useful for leading small-group studies or for sermon preparation. Contains foreword by Thomas R. Schreiner.

There is an accompanying Good Book Guide available to purchase for small-group Bible studies.

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  • 1. Introducing the Son of God (Mark 1:1-13)
    2. What Jesus Came For (Mark 1:14-45)
    3. A Man of Authority (Mark 2:1 – 3:6)
    4. Outsiders and Insiders (Mark 3:7 – 4:34)
    5. What No One Else Can Do (Mark 4:35 – 6:30)
    6. All Things Well (Mark 6:31 – 8:21)
    7. The Struggle for Sight (Mark 8:22 – 9:29)
    8. Who Is Welcome? (Mark 9:30-50)
    9. The Upside-Down Kingdom (Mark 10:1-52)
    10. Jesus in the Temple (Mark 11:1 – 12:12)
    11. A Battle of Wits (Mark 12:13-44)
    12. Signs of the End (Mark 13:1-37)
    13. Toward the Cross (Mark 14:1-72)
    14. The Divine King (Mark 15:1 – 16:8)

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Contributors Jason C. Meyer, Thomas R. Schreiner
ISBN 9781784982973
Format Paperback
First published August 2022
Dimensions 135mm x 216mm x 18mm
Weight 0.34 kg
Print size 9.5pt
Language English
Pages 272
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews

26 Aug 2023

“Never disappointed by this series”

I have always found this series extremely helpful: insightful, thought provoking and well written and this Mark edition is no different.

If you’re doing a 121 with someone or reading it devotionally you will be helped. This year at our youth group we are going through Mark on a Friday night, and I’ll be sign posting our leaders to it.

21 May 2023

“Clear and helpful”

We are using this book alongside The Good Book Guide to Mark in our small group study. It is an invaluable resource for the group leaders, very accessible and a clear and helpful expository. We greatly appreciate the clear way that Jason Meyer expands on the verses, and helps us to turn our eyes upon Jesus.

23 Nov 2022

“Clear and Thorough Biblical Exposition”

This new installment in the God's Word for You series focuses on the gospel of Mark, going through it verse by verse in fairly short, readable sections. This book is longer than some of the others in the series, particularly since there are so many story-driven details to break down instead of just ideas to discuss, but Jason Meyer is a thoughtful, faithful guide, focusing on the meaning of Scripture and providing multiple possible interpretations for elements that are less clear or sometimes debated.

This will appeal to people who are interested in better understanding the story of Jesus at a deep, detailed level, especially if they want something written in a conversation style instead of going through an academic-style commentary. The book also includes helpful application insights for current issues, without letting any of these elements overshadow the primary meaning of the text to its original audience. I found this book helpful and encouraging, and appreciated the different cultural insights and connections to the Old Testament that Meyer included. Although I'm familiar with the content of Mark, I had never gone through it so slowly, and it helped me to see things I hadn't picked up on before.

"Mark For You" is a great resource for pastors who are planning to preach through the gospel of Mark, especially if they are looking for insight into how to delve deeper into some of the themes instead of just focusing on the surface-level, most obvious elements of the narrative. This would also be a great Bible study resource for groups or personal use, especially because of the open-ended and thoughtful reflection questions, and could be used for family devotions with older children.

Disclaimer: I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

2 Nov 2022

“Brilliant Bible Study Companion”

Are you looking for a Bible study companion to help you in your study time, or a daily devotional to help you grow in Christ, meditate on God’s Word and to learn more about a specific Book of the Bible in more detail? Perhaps you would like to deepen your knowledge, or maybe you’re wanting a guide to help you in explaining a specific Book of the Bible as you preach or lead a Bible study group? If you are looking for just one or all of the things, the For You series from The Good Book Company may be just what you’re looking for. The For You series offers all these things rolled into one very helpful book, and more.

Throughout the book, which is separated into different chapters, the pages delve deeper into the chapters and verses in the Gospel of Mark, and at the end of each chapter, there is a ‘questions for reflection’ section, to help you think about and discuss what you have just read.

Jason Meyer provides a thorough commentary for the Gospel of Mark, which explores and explains the theme of this Gospel and all that it contains, along with the encouragements and challenges of the Gospel of Mark. It includes a Biblically-sound and scripture-based, easy-to-read, easy-to-follow description and detailed look at the verses that we read, along with everyday examples that are used to help the reader’s further understanding. The book shows how what we read is just as relevant and important for us to apply, use and know for our day-to-day lives today.

25 Oct 2022

“A refreshing, application based, commentary!”

An excellent study of Mark. As you prayerfully read, you will also truly feed on the word of God. It's challenging, stimulating and accessible. A worthwhile buy! I highly recommend it.

28 Sep 2022

“A goldmine of deep insights into Mark's Gospel!”

The aim of the “God’s Word For You” series is to provide a commentary guide which gets right to the heart of the book of the Bible and applies its truth to the heart of the reader.

The latest release in the series is a guide and walkthrough Mark’s Gospel by Jason Meyer, who not only keeps to the remit of getting to the heart of the biblical text but he also frequently ties the Gospel narrative in Mark back to the Old Testament and helps the reader to see the bigger picture of salvation.

Using simple, everyday examples Jason Meyer is very effective in explaining deeper and more complex biblical themes in connecting how The Lord Jesus fulfils God’s law and reverses the sin of the first man Adam, whilst also bringing deeper insights that are so often missed. One example of this is how The Lord Jesus slept during the storm (in Mark 4) because like King David (in Psalm 3) His Father sustains Him. Another helpful insight was how the partial healing of the blind man in Mark 8 was in fact a parable of the partial spiritual blindness of the disciples! In the passion narrative, Meyer also explains how the freeing of Barabbas is a picture of substitutionary atonement, as the guilty man walks free and the sinless Son of God takes the punishment instead.

The book itself is divided up into 14 different chapters - each picking up on a separate biblical theme, which really helps in focusing the reader on the bigger picture of what is happening in that section of the Gospel of Mark. Each chapter is then divided up into different parts, with helpful section headings and helpful questions for reflection at the end of each section.

In conclusion, “Mark for You” is an absolute goldmine of illustrations, commentary and fresh insights that this short review cannot do justice, I highly commend it as a truly excellent resource!

Disclaimer: The Good Book Company kindly provided me with a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

13 Sep 2022

“Compelling and Compassionate”

What is the message of the Gospel of Mark? In Mark For You, Jason Meyer delivers his expository Bible-study guide to Mark—a book that portrays Jesus in a stunningly compelling way.

Face-Paced and Action Packed

In nearly 300 pages, Meyer makes the most of his words and sticks to the text. Highlighting the frequency of the word “immediately” in Mark’s Gospel, Meyer’s commentary is equally fast-paced and action packed.

The Priority of Preaching

For example, Meyer gives us insight into the ancient world. Usually, the disciple would ask the teacher to train him. In Jesus’ case, he commands his disciples to follow him. This is shocking, and Mark wants us to feel the surprise. Jesus is not like anyone else in this world. He comes with the authority of a king.

Compelling and Compassionate

The end of Mark finds Meyer tackling the second coming of Christ and a call to stay awake. Meyer is pointed and reminds us of our living hope in the resurrection of Christ. This book is accessible and clear, and an excellent entry in the God’s Word For You series. It will challenge and encourage you to turn your eyes upon Jesus.

I received a media copy of Mark For You and this is my honest review.

22 Aug 2022

“A Superb Series of Entry Level Commentaries”

I've slowly been working my way through purchasing all of these "God's Word for You" commentaries as I think they are excellent entry-level commentaries for those who are leading Bible studies and preaching in the local church. While they may not go into the same level of detail about the text as some more academic commentaries, they are very strong on application and are very helpful when thinking through how to guide your listener towards living out the commands of Jesus. This commentary of Mark is an excellent addition to the series, splitting the passages well and giving you a good overview of the gospel. For the price, it is also very good value. If you haven't tried this commentary yet and are looking to lead Bible studies or similar, I would really encourage you to do so. If you're preaching a passage from Mark in the local church, perhaps buy this and something more detailed too.

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