The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist (ebook)

The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist ebook

What If You Could Get What You’re Really Hoping For?

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Outreach book sharing the hope of Christianity at Christmas.

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We all need hope in our lives, but many struggle to know where to look for it. This short, warm and profound book by well-known evangelist Rico Tice makes a compelling case for Christianity and the hope that it provides.

Based on Isaiah 9:6 (a passage often used in Christmas services), readers will see how Jesus – the Mighty God, Prince of Peace, Everlasting Father and Wonderful Counsellor – is the ultimate gift as he delivers what they really want: hope, peace, purpose and guidance.

This gospel presentation is ideal to give away at Christmas. There is also a free video for you to download below for use in your

Based on the content of Hope Explored it gives recipients a taste of the three-week .

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  • 1. What Do You Want for Christmas?
    2. Hope
    3. Peace
    4. Purpose
    5. Guidance


Contributors Rico Tice
ISBN 9781784988029
Format eBook
First published October 2022
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company

Adam Ramsey

Lead Pastor, Liberti Church, Gold Coast, Australia; Network Director, Acts 29 Australia & New Zealand

Christmas, more than any other time of the year, is when we experience meaning and crave more of it, feeling like we get a small taste of life as it is meant to be. Rico Tice shows us how to enjoy the gifts of hope, peace, purpose and confidence that Jesus alone gives. Easy to read, winsome and intellectually satisfying, this is a wonderful book.

Terry Virgo

New Frontiers

Rico Tice has the ability quickly to catch your attention and then lead you to face up to things that really matter in a lasting way. This book offers you a way to celebrate Christmas like never before. Let me encourage you to read The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist, brush aside all the extraneous Christmas tinsel, and discover the amazing gift that God is offering you. You won’t regret it.

Tony Merida

Pastor, Imago Dei Church, Raleigh, North Carolina

A skilled writer, Rico helps us see how the birth of Jesus means that we can know hope, peace, purpose and confidence. That is far greater than any gift we can receive on Christmas Day morning.

Customer reviews

10 Jun 2024

“Neighborhood Outreach”

(Review written for 'The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist')

Each year we give out small gifts to about 40 homes in our neighborhood. We include a small book that we hope will be read and promote interest in the Gospel. We have a hard time finding something that isn't an Advent devotional, but something that will wet their curiosity. It's early, but when we found this, we knew we had what we needed for this coming year.

15 Dec 2022

“Clear Gospel Presentation for Christmas”

(Review written for 'The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist')

Rico Tice is well known for his clear gospel presentation and this is an example of him writing something that is a great giveaway for Christmas. In a very similar structure as the new Hope Explored course, he takes us through three themes (Hope, Peace and Purpose) before he finishes with Confidence - who are you trusting in? At just over 50 pages, it’s a great option for giving to a friend this Christmas or even for giving out at the end of Carol Services to visitors. Definitely recommended this Christmas

14 Dec 2022

“Easy read of the best news”

(Review written for 'The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist')

The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist by Rico Tice is a short (63 pages) book that is perfect for explaining Christmas and the Good News. Just 5 small chapters (What Would You Like for Christmas, Hope, Peace, Purpose, & Confidence), Tice has created a wonderful way to gift a Christian perspective on the holiday season.

3 Dec 2022

“Hope, Peace, Purpose, and Confidence”

(Review written for 'The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist')

In The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist, Rico Tice asks: What if you could get what you’re really hoping for?

Hope, Peace, Purpose, and Confidence

In this accessible booklet, Tice uses Isaiah 9:6 to show that Jesus is the one who can truly give us hope, peace, purpose, and confidence. Tice references Bible verses throughout, ensuring that the reader encounters the Word of God.

This gospel presentation can be easily gifted this Christmas season. With warmth and winsomeness, this books makes a compelling case for Christianity and the hope that can only come from Jesus.

I received a media copy of The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist and this is my honest review.

31 Oct 2022

“An ideal gift for someone who is searching”

(Review written for 'The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist')

This is just a short little book presenting the gospel, the greatest story ever told, in which Jesus is the bringer of hope, peace, purpose and confidence ... and there could be no better Christmas list to make our lives complete.
It is an ideal gift for someone who is searching, perhaps a stocking filler for a loved one or a giveaway at a church Christmas service.
It clearly shows Rico Tice's heart as an evangelist ... the intent being to simply communicate the good news that the birth of Jesus means, and bring the reader close to faith. To know a truer meaning of Christmas than the one we often hear of.
Rico uses various Bible stories to show us who Jesus is and why He can be relied on to bring us hope, the hope that is embodied by Christmas time.
It sets out the full extent of what Jesus achieved for us, through his life and death. It tells us why He came, lived and died and this is what we remember at Christmas time.
It is accessible and real, understanding the sort of life pressures that people deal with, the reasons why they may need to know the true depth of meaning of Christmas, and it highlights that faith in Christ is a way to see past it all.
It is well structured, linking the Old Testament prophecies from Isaiah to the New Testament fulfilment of them in the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

28 Oct 2022

“Very Brief and Meaningful”

(Review written for 'The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist')

This brief book addresses the core things that people desire showing how hope, peace, purpose, and confidence are central to our ideas of the good life even when we disagree about how to get there. Evangelist Rico Tice shares brief anecdotes and stories from the gospels to illustrate these different ideas, showing how Jesus provides all of those things and more. Unlike some Christmas books, Tice doesn't mainly focus on the Nativity story, but gives a sense of the scope of Jesus's life, earthly ministry, death, and resurrection.

"The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist" is a great book for people who are curious about the Christian faith and want a short, highly readable way to explore ideas related to Jesus. It can also encourage longtime Christians, exalting the hope of Christ even when life is difficult and never lives up to our best hopes. I appreciate how many recent Advent books face sadness directly, instead of trying to help the reader drum up festive and joyful feelings that may be out of sync with their circumstances.

This is a great book for adults and teenagers, and because it is so brief and inexpensive, churches can buy it in bulk to hand out at an event. I would definitely recommend it for that purpose, because it covers so many universal themes that anyone will be able to relate to it, regardless of their specific background and life circumstances. This book is so short that busy people can feasibly read it during the holidays, and it can serve an evangelistic purpose and encourage people who are already Christians.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

26 Oct 2022

“Clear Gospel message”

(Review written for 'The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist')

Rico has again presented the Gospel message in a clear compelling and thought provoking way, set in the context of the Christmas story and season with his usual practical and humble style. I will be giving a copy to each of my home group brothers and sisters to read and pass on to a friend who does not yet believe. A great resource. Thanks

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